Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome 2016!!!

We hope you all had a GREAT 2015!  

We had a fantastic year with our new family of 5!  

As 2016 is now here we are hoping to be welcoming a couple litters of puppies.  Ginny (Nikki's daughter) turned 2 the beginning of January, Drake (our new daddy dog) turned 2 the end of December and Macy turned two in July.  Depending on our girls cycles we should be welcoming puppies some time in June and looking for forever homes around August.  This is just an estimate so please stay tuned as I will be updating this blog more frequently as we get closer to adorable pups.

The past year has whizzed by, here are a few things the dogs have been up to!

January 2016 

 Our irrigation canal gets turned on a few times throughout the winter, 
the dogs LOVE when this happens!
Above and below are Ginny (red) and Drake (blonde)

November 2015 brought SNOW!!!

 Above: Drake (left) and Nikki (right)

 Nikki LOVES rolling in the snow!

 Above: Drake  Below: Nikki

 Above:  Nikki and daughter Ginny fighting over a bone
  Below:  Nikki knows what to do with kids!
 Below:  Drake REALLY wants to play with Calisee, 
but he is too big and playful so we crack the door so he can get in some licks!!

 Above and Below: Nikki

October 2015

Above:  Macy says hello to our new neighbor, Sonic!
Above and Below: Ginny
Below: Video of Nikki and Macy having fun!

August 2015

Above: Drake, Wanna Play Ball???
Below: Ginny, coming out of the ditch from a refreshing swim!
 Below: Macy

 Above and Below: Macy 
Dylan is helping her get clean after her big play on the ditch road

 Above and below: Macy (left), Nikki (right)

 Above: Macy and Dylan
Below: Macy (left), Nikki (right)

 Above: Ginny, she LOVES the pond!
Below: Ginny (back), Macy (front)
The girls WANT that weed!!!

 Above:  Our VERY handsome Drake
Below:  The BEST dog ever: 
 Below:  Drake relaxing with me while I watch TV
 Below: GINNY :(
Ummmm......someone KNOWS she is in trouble!

 July 2015

Above: Beautiful day to hang at the neighbors

June 2015

 Above: Our Macy girl
Below:  Macy (left), Nikki (right)  
The girls are watching daddy and his cousin hunting in the front pasture,  
they really wanted to go but they scare away all the critters!

 May 2015

Above: Nikki is helping Calisee with tummy time!

March 2015

Above: Nikki
Helping the boys with a critter in the ground

January 2015

 What a beautiful day in January!  
We took baby girl out for her first hunt!  
Everyone had fun!!

Just for fun!

These are not our pups but I thought this was super cute and such a great idea!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Our new bundle of JOY!!!

Our baby girl made it to our arms as planned on December 23rd.  She is absolutely perfect!  
Our dogs love her as well, or at least her smell as all they want to do is lick her :)

Calisee Mae Holmes
7 lbs 6 oz

Happy New year, we hope you all have a great 2015!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Horse'n around!

I couldn't resist posting these pics from today with my moms pony, Marty and our dogs.

 Above is Ginny (red) and Drake taking Marty for a walk!
 Above and below is Drake.