Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All Puppy Pictures! 13 days old!

Pictures and some pictures/information about my family and I

Some information about my family and I:

I married my husband 10 years ago this coming September.  In those 10 years we have welcomed 3 babies of our own.  They are almost 9, just turned 7 and 17 months old.  We have lived mostly in Central Oregon but did take a wild venture to Texas and Gresham, OR. for approx. 3 years before returning to our real home.  We live on 10 acres with the extra special bonus of living next to my parents on 50 acres and on the other side of my parents with 20 acres lives my sister, her husband and my nephew and niece.  We have a nice chunk of beautiful Central Oregon land!  My kids have enjoyed growing up around their grandparents cows and horses.  We have raised pigs, chickens and of course beautiful golden retrievers.  We welcomed our first golden into our home when our first child was 10 months old and she has been such a perfect fit for us.  Our next 3 goldens were welcomed approx 2+ years ago and we have been quite a busy family since! This litter with Macy is her first and our 5th total litter, it gets more fun with each litter!   
We raise family golden retrievers and are in search for wonderful families for our little goldens.   
Here are some pics of my family and our goldens so you can get to know us a little better!

 Above: Luke and Dylan-ALL BOY!
Below: Our beautiful Calisee baby

 Above: Richie, Luke, Dylan and Calisee
Below:  The Holmes Family

Above: My side of the family at my parents house
'Below: Me and Calisee at Steel Head Falls

 Above: Luke with his 14 inch fish he caught at Fireman's pond
Below: Me, my beautiful mom and Calisee

Above:  Happy Birthday to our wonderful son Dylan, #7!
Below: Calisee getting kisses from Macy

 Above: day 12 puppy pile
Below: Luke snuggles

 Calisee and I taking the dogs for a run on the 4-wheeler

 Above: Macy-mommy
Below: Drake-daddy

 Above: My husband and Luke mowing the lawn
Below: My boys and I and beautiful mothers day flowers
 Below:  Nikki and her daughter Ginny

Monday, May 16, 2016

Puppies are doing great!

 Dylan loves snuggling with his puppies!
 Above is our blondest male and below is the blondest male and reddest female.

 Calisee gets SO excited when she sees the pups!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wednesday born....Thursday sleep....Friday visitors and pictures!!!!!

 Above: Luke and Dylan brought pups in the house before school! 
Human daddy loves his pups!

 My Niece Brooklyn wants it quiet for the pups :)

 Brooklyn gave kisses............ Hunter and Gunnar are amazed!!!
We all love baby puppies!