Sunday, May 20, 2018

Time flies!

Wow! Has 3 weeks already come and gone?! The pups are growing like weeds and are so so sweet!
We have had a full schedule but have made plenty of time for snuggling the pups.
The new "norm" for our morning routine has included bringing a pup in the house for story time/snuggle time/tv time/play time! We trade out pups frequently so they all get a turn! Calisee has also been rushing to nap time as she gets to snuggle with a pup in her crib for a bit before giving lots of kisses and mommy taking the pup back to its mommy.

 Above and below: Monday the 21st is Dylan's 9 th birthday.  For the past 3 years we have celebrated at Fireman's Pond during the free fishing Fish Fair.  This year like the rest was awesome!  We had a great day with family and friends!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Little squeaks, little pups!

They are here!
Macy wouldn't settle last night when I put her to bed in the pool. I ended up putting her big pillow in with her and getting my supplies ready as she wasn't acting normal.  I went to bed and was woken shortly after by the cutest tiny squeaks!  I ran down stairs and helped deliver 5 perfect pups!
The kids were beyond excited this morning!

 Above: Dylan with the lightest male
Below: Luke with one of the red females

 Above: Macy is such a good mommy..... Luke is holding a pup and its sleeping and quiet but Macy knows he has one and she wants it back!
 Below: I have the feeling I am going to see ALOT of this..... Calisee is so in love with the pups and would like to live in the pool with them! I had to bring her inside and she was not happy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The waiting game......

We have officially made it to the "OK to have your babies any day" waiting game.  
Macy is growing a little more each day and I have every thing ready!

I get more and more excited each day and the kids were so excited to see everything set-up Monday when they came home from school!

 Above and Below: Drake and Macy (on the pillow) hanging out while I get Macy's area ready.

 Above and Below: Handsome daddy Drake
 Above and below: Drake at the top and Macy at the bottom, Macy just wants her bed-she was not thrilled with me wanting pictures!

 Above: Momma Macy and her growing tummy!
Below: I borrowed my daughters video monitor so I can keep an eye on Macy.
I have a new monitor that comes tomorrow with WIFI! I'm so excited that I will be able to check in whenever and where ever I want!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Central Oregon is very confused and can't decide on the weather.  Last Monday it was warm and beautiful and yesterday we had sleet/snow!  I am SO ready for spring/summer to be here! 

!!!!!Macy has a growing belly!!!!!

We have been busy as usual around here. Spring break came and went quickly.  My sister and I put on our 5th annual Easter egg hunt in my back field.  This year it fell on our spring break weekend so not as many kiddos showed up but we had plenty that did with 105 kids that signed in.  It was fabulous!
My oldest got to go to Wildlife Safari with a friend and I took 5 kids to the High Desert Museum and a cave one of the days during break.  We got to spend 3 nights in Sunriver at my cousins house and now I am TOTALLY obsessed with shuffle board!

Our irrigation water has been turned on so I finally don't have a mud pit for the dogs to play in!  
Now they are just wet!

Here are some pics of our recent adventures:
 Above and below:  dirty daddy Drake! This isn't even as bad as other days!

 We have a little kid area in the grass and the big kids get to hunt in the trees, rocks and juniper!

 Above: Me and my family
Below: My sister, dad and myself. My dad helps every year getting the field ready for us :)

 Above and below is momma Macy.  
Below: Macy is tired out after helping me host a 20+ Mexican themed birthday party for my mom!
Below:  Comfy Ginny and her red ball :)