Monday, June 19, 2017

Ready for the big pen! 4 weeks old (tomorrow)

First off....Happy fathers day to all the wonderful dads!

Second, I still can't believe that my kids are done with 4th and 2nd grade!  
Life with littles goes by way to fast :(  
 It's the same with the pups, it seems like yesterday that I helped welcome them into this world but they are already 4 weeks old!  I am happy that humans don't advance as fast as dogs though :)  
The pups got new sleeping/play quarters today and are loving eating their soggy kibbles!  
They have changed so much in the last week, its so fun to watch!  
They are starting to "play" with each other!

Here are some pics from the past few days, some are pics of pups and some are my family....the humans who love on the pups and get them ready for new homes :) 
 Above and below: Fathers day dinner at my parents house.  My kiddos and my sisters two kids.

 Above:  first day of no school and the kids are back in "class" learning spanish!  
Below: Dylan and his friends from school who won awards for the Run/Walk club! 75+ miles in 7 weeks!

 Above:  Kiddos tired out from fun times at a birthday party!
Below:  Happy fathers day to my wonderful husband and father of my 3 cute kiddos! 

 Can someone entertain this little girl while we make a puppy pen?  Ha Ha!  
Who wants shavings in their water bowl????

 Above and below:  The pups got to hang in the big dog pen while their new pen was being put together in the garage. Bye bye blue pool!

 Above/below: Lunch time in the new digs!

 Above/below:  Eat, Nap.....Repeat!
Below: Pen is complete! Hubby even added a rug this time! 
Not sure how that will go over with the shavings but its a nice touch for now :)  
Pups are just inside the gate behind the wood, hard to see as they are sleeping!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3 weeks old! Love those faces!!

The pups turned 3 weeks old yesterday! They are getting big and active! I have put different colored collars on them and they started to eat mushed food today!  
The lightest male, blue collar, has been chosen to go home with Mary :)

Here are some pics of the past couple days plus pics of their sweet faces:

Below: Meet Mary's blue collared boy (lightest)

Below: Meet the brown collared male (mid color)

Below: Meet the green collared male (mid color-same as brown collar)

Below: Meet the red collared male (darkest of the males)

Below: Meet the polka dot collared only girl (darkest of the litter) 

Calisee would live in the pool if I allowed it!  She LOVES the pups!

 Below: Macy had to wait outside the pen so the pups could actually eat, she really wanted to clean it up!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2 weeks old! (yesterday)

The puppies are growing like weeds!
They were two weeks old yesterday. They have started to growl/bark, they can army crawl pretty good and sometimes get their bellies off the ground and their eyes and ears are starting to open! Exciting!!

Today, one of the puppies furever home mom came for a visit and brought her 85 year old mother.  It was her birthday and she got some sweet love from the pups!  Happy birthday Ann!

Here are some pics from today

 Below: A very comfortable pup! LOL

 Above: 4 males
Below: the only female

 Below: Ginny soaking in some puppy time!