Friday, February 13, 2015

Our new bundle of JOY!!!

Our baby girl made it to our arms as planned on December 23rd.  She is absolutely perfect!  
Our dogs love her as well, or at least her smell as all they want to do is lick her :)

Calisee Mae Holmes
7 lbs 6 oz

Happy New year, we hope you all have a great 2015!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Horse'n around!

I couldn't resist posting these pics from today with my moms pony, Marty and our dogs.

 Above is Ginny (red) and Drake taking Marty for a walk!
 Above and below is Drake.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's November 2014, time for an update!!!

Time for an update!  We have been busy busy here at the Holmes house.  We have taken some time off from breeding puppies to adding to our own family.  We are getting ready to welcome our baby girl, Calisee Mae, on December 23rd.  We couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!  Along with adding to our human family we have added to our four legged family as well.  We now have 4 beautiful goldens, Nikki (6), Macy (1 1/2), Drake (almost 1) and Ginny (almost 1).

We plan on having another litter in a year or so, after Macy, Drake and Ginny are 2 and certifications are complete.

We all enjoyed a beautiful, busy and fun summer and are enjoying a little of this cold weather/snow we have been having.  Here are a few pics from todays romp in the snow :)
 Above and below is Macy

 Above is Drake, our handsome male
 Above is my dad (behind him 3 little boys being pulled on sleds) 
and our 4 dogs loving every second of playing in the snow!

We hope this post finds you all well!  
I will try to get some of the summer pics up and also some puppy pics I have received from families but my "nesting" list seems to keep getting bigger so we will see what I can accomplish!!  
Happy Holidays to all!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi Families,  I have enjoyed receiving pictures of the puppies from everyone!  I will do another post with pics soon :)  I have not been on here to update that little Rosie found a wonderful home just a couple days after she came back to us.  The new family is in love :) 
I hope all is going well for everyone and I hope that we get more dry, nice days in April than we did in March so we can get outside more and play with the pups!
Thank you again for keeping me updated!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Rosie needs a new home.....

One of our wonderful families here in town is unable to keep Rosie (rainbow collar).  The family has son's age 4 and 7 and the 4 year old's asthma has been acting up since they took Rosie home.  I have Rosie back at our house and am currently looking for a new loving family for her.  I know that when people get their puppies and take them home and start showing them off that friends and family ask where you got your puppy.  If any of our already great families knows another family that might be interested please let me know.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pics from our new families and some from us!

We had a wonderful day saturday giving 6 puppies to 6 very happy new families!  I think there may have even been some happy tears!  I feel blessed that we have such great families giving our puppies their forever homes.  I have heard all great things about the puppies and how well they are adjusting and learning things so quickly. Here are some of the pictures and comments I have recieved so far:
Red Boy's mom Stephanie sent a family picture (previous post) she also wrote the other day to say that they have named him Benham and that he hasn't had any accidents in the house and practically sleeps all night. She said that he is SO smart too and that they love him!
Below is Risley, purple collared girl. Her mom wrote to say that "she loves her kennel, slept pretty much the whole night and is getting the hang of potty training! We are having such fun with her :) Thanks for giving her a happy first 2 months :) "
 The next two pictures below are of Buddy, the blonde male.  He is getting to know his big brother Bogey and they are having fun together.

 The next two pictures are of Lady Snow, our little blonde girl.  She has a new sibling, Poppy, and they are getting along great! Lady's mom has a granddaughter that loves to spend time at her house (even more so now I think). Lady's mom wrote: "Madison, 9 yrs old, held her almost constantly for 24 hours. Lady whined a lot the first night but last night only in the beginning of being put in her sleeping crate. She's so smart and so adorable. She and my Papillion can both be in the big "playpen" area. Next I think I'll get gates, 2, so the dogs can be in the kitchen when I'm in there.
Anyway, all going well."

The next two pictures below are of Turner. Turner's mom wrote: "Turner is great, he cracks us up because he thinks he is a big dog. He walks on a leash and is pretty much potty trained." 
  Below is Kaia and her new human brother taking a nap together (Shannon's pink collared girl).
Kaia's mom wrote that "she is doing well playing with Luna our lab and the boys.
We started a fire and she passed out immediately:) " 
It snowed at our house the night before heading over the mountain. 
When we got home Ginny enjoyed her first big play in the snow! 
It didn't slow her down one bit!

Below is Leo with her mom and sister. 
Unfortunatley this family had a severe allergic reaction to little Leo and is unable to keep her. 
Their hearts are broken as they had anticipated this day for so long.  
I told the family I will find little Leo a wonderful home, I am currently waiting to hear back from a family that I think would be a wonderful fit.  
I send my prayers to Dianne, Grace and family that their hearts heal.

Friday, February 28, 2014

4 pups have gone home.... 6 leave the nest tomorrow! Today we PLAY!!!

Auntie Macy running with the group!

AAAWWWW!   They got Macy, She loves it!

Yes, our cat loves loves to hang out!

Air Born!

We meet the last 6  families tomorrow. 
We will be in our white dodge durango. 
See you all tomorrow!