Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Yay!  Puppies should be on their way!

Macy is expecting the first part of May and puppies will be ready for their furever homes the end of June/beginning of July!  I am so ready to snuggle with some adorable pups!  Way to early to tell if she is pregnant so I will be updating the blog as we get closer to let you all know :)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Checking in

Hi all!  I hope your February is going great!  
We have been staying busy around here. The boys are doing excellent at school and our daughter potty trained in less than a few days before she turned 3! AMAZING!!
Our doggies are doing great and I am getting impatient for March to roll around to breed Macy. 
I look forward to seeing and snuggling those cute pups!

I ran across some articles that I thought I would share.
They are both from AKC. I copied some information but have included the link to each article.

The first article is 2017 top dog names.  I know some of our pups we have sold that made the list are named Buddy, Lucy, Daisy, Luna and Maggie.  Did your dog make the list?

Every year, Rover.com releases its list of top dog names, and the results are in for 2017! One of the most interesting things about the annual list of the 10 most popular dog names is that it rarely changes much. It’s a classic group of names that dog owners gravitate to year after year. However, when Rover slices and dices its data, different trends do appear in dog naming, even if they’re not apparent in the top 10 names. For those who love statistics, more about that later. But here’s the brand new list of top 10 dog names for 2017:
Top 10 Male Dog Names:
1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Buddy
5. Jack
6. Rocky
7. Oliver
8. Bear
9. Duke
10. Tucker

Top 10 Female Dog Names:
1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Daisy
4. Luna
5. Lola
6. Sadie
7. Molly
8. Maggie
9. Bailey
10. Sophie
Popular culture continues to rule the name game. Fifty-three percent of all dog owners name their dogs for a character from a TV show, movie, or book, or after a celebrity. This year, Wonder Woman-themed names are up by 45 percent, and the name Atwood, after the author of "The Handmaid’s Tale," is up by 200 percent. "Star Wars" names, like Rey, Finn, Luke, and Leia are up by 70 percent.

The article below I found cute :)
 Meet the Golden Retriever and Tortoise Who Are BFFs

Christine Hill's dog, Cricket, is a classic Golden Retriever. He's silly, fun, loving, devoted, and friendly...even towards those who may be a little different. Like Larry the African spurred tortoise, for example.
Hill rescued Larry from an Animal Center where he was being bullied by four other tortoises, who were all fighting for the affection of one female tortoise, National Geographic reports.
She brought him home and while at first he was "in defense mode," he quickly took a liking to Cricket.
When the two first met, "It was almost like they were chatting,” Hill told National Geographic. Cricket laid down next to Larry, and the tortoise was completely at ease, she said.
"Since that day, they’ve been inseparable."
Hill recounts the adventures of the unlikely best friends on her Instagram @fozzcook. The pair do everything from dressing up together, sharing watermelon, to just lounging around.
We might see it as an unusual friendship, but Cricket and Larry would beg to differ. See some adorable videos and photos of the pair of BFFs below.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

No Ginny puppies :(

We are so sad that Ginny did not have any puppies, she would have made beautiful pups and would have been a great mommy :(  We now are on schedule for Macy's next litter expected in May and ready for furever homes in July.  We hope that you all had a wonderful, love filled Christmas and a great New Year is in your future!

Below are are some of our recent family adventures:

Above and Below: Luke, Dylan and my nephew Brady taking a boy trip to the coast with my dad to go clamming....weather was bad and they didn't get any but still had a great time!

Above and below: Calisee having Christmas fun with Ginny!

 Above: Dylan
Below: Luke

 Above and below: Calisee hanging her first ornament and Luke setting the star!

 Above: Elfie left ingredients to make smores cupcakes! Yum!
Below: The kids made Santa hands on the back windows :)

 Above: Me and my beautiful cancer fighting MOMMA!
Below: My elf family, Dylan and Luke had the same amazing 2nd grade teacher and did these in her class, I added this year and made the whole fam!

 Above and Below:  Our baby girl turned 3 on the 23rd of December!  We love her to the moon and back and few hundred times!

 Above a couple pics and Below a couple pics:  birthday celebrations!

 Above: My husband and I
Below:  Santa visited our house Christmas Eve!

 Above:  This 3 year old rocks using chopsticks!
Below:  At around 900 of 1000 dominoes I knocked them over :(
We were sooooo close!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Not very hopeful

For the families that are following this blog and keeping their fingers crossed that Ginny has a litter....I'm feeling less hopeful.  From her last of 3 breeding's she should be due Monday but her stomach just isn't filling out the way it should.  I took Ginny to my sisters work on Monday and we tried to find puppy heart beats.  This was both of our first times and we didn't know exactly what we were doing but we couldn't find any.   One of our dogs dug a MASSIVE hole in my flower bed and got under our deck, bad dog!, but maybe good dog as that can be a sign of nesting.
I will continue to update you all.  I feel terrible as I had a lot of interest in this litter.
As I have said before, I will be breeding Macy again this spring with pups ready in July.

Below: Ginny getting checked with a doppler at Life Flight

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Miss Luna!

Happy Birthday to Macy's Second Litter. Luna (below) and her sibling's were born on November 13th, 2016. Here are some pictures her furever mom sent me today!
Thank you May for sending me pics!

Maggie Steele

Our Maggie Steele's family keeps keeping me in the loop!  LOVE IT!  I received these pics and this message from her furever family:

I had to forward these sweet pictures of Maggie. Our cats just love her. With the weather getting colder they love to snuggle with her. She is my first dog I've ever had and we couldn't have picked a better dog.  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family"

Below: Not sure why when I copied and pasted the message that the coloring came our different but this was the original message with the cute emoji's. Above is my re-type.

I had to forward these sweet pictures of Maggie.  Our cats just love her😻. With the weather getting colder they love to snuggle with her.  She is my first dog I've ever had and we couldn't have picked a better dog.  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family🐶🐾❤️"

Thank you Steele family for being such a great choice for one of our babies!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Waiting still.....

Ginny is still eating more food than normal and she seems to be changing in her mammary glands :)  She is due in 1-2 weeks, depending on when she got pregnant as we did 3 separate breeding's with a total of 8 days apart.  I will keep you all posted! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
The Holiday Season is here!

Here are a few pics of what our family has been up to:

Above: (Left to right) Me, my mom and my sister.
My mom has been battling breast cancer for almost 30 years now.  She has been in remission and then re-diagnosed 4 times now.  This last re-diagnoses a couple years ago was found in her skin. On Halloween we found out that it has moved to her bones.  She is such a fighter and is trying very hard (and doing a good job at it) to keep her spirits up and a smile on her face.  This picture was taken at Hola in Bend where we met around 20 of our friends for dinner and then went to see Bad Mom's Christmas with NO KIDS!  We had a blast and made some memories.

 Above and Below:  The Saturday before Veteran's Day we attended a Veterans Celebration at the Madras Air Museum.  We got to explore the museum and see and read about our history. It was really neat to see all the men and women in uniform.  Lots of old timers and a lot of respect shown for our Veteran's. Below the boys are posing in front of a Marines plane, their dad was a Marine so they thought this was pretty neat.

Above: Last Monday I was able to attend Luke's "Fired up and Ready" field trip at the High Desert Museum.  My group had 3, 5th Grade boys and one girl.  The kids learned about forest fires and then..... yep they got to play with matches and make fire. 
The entire class voted that this was the best field trip ever!
I have to admit that it was fun and all the kids were engaged :)