Friday, September 2, 2016

School starts in 4 days!! How did summer pass so quickly?

We have enjoyed our summer and we hope that all of you have enjoyed yours with lots of time spent outside in the warmth with your puppies! 
 I have continued to receive some updates from some of our families 
and LOVE seeing them grow and change!  
As for our doggies they have had a good summer with lots of running and playing in the water!

Below are pictures of Lila, the first being the most recent I received 
with the following text from her mom:

"I had to send you this picture of Lila. She loves the wood pile and helping with everything. I can't express how much joy she has brought to our family."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear things like this!!!  Thank you!!!

Above: this picture came with the following from Lila's mom : "She is such a good puppy. I hope she doesn't lose her hair line. She doesn't chew on anything she's not supposed to. She sleeps all night in her crate. Her and Chase are getting really close."

Below is Maggie Steele. Here are some texts from her mom: August 21st-"Maggie Steele is getting big and learning to be friends with the kitty." August 7th-"My daughter Lauren took the selfie in the truck last night on the way to get frozen yogurt. The other is her new purple leash and harness she finally grew into. Just over 20 pounds at the vet last week!"

Below is Scout. I received this picture and text on July 29th: "He can climb up on our chairs outside and he thinks it is a big deal. He is doing so well and growing by the minute."

Below are pictures of Juniper with the following text from her mom: "June Bug is amazing!!! 100% integrated and happy and thriving!!! :)))" 

Text about the below picture: "This is a best friend- Sprinkles our farm cat. They'll play together!! And then Junie licks her all over. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pics from our pups new families!

Thank you for sending us pictures!  We love to see their cute little faces!

Apparently Maggie is a popular name!  Our little polka purple/ green with bones girl is now named Maggie.  That makes 3 for this litter!  I will refer to her as Maggie Steele. Our other Maggie will be Maggie MacPherson and I will continue to call our other Maggie, Magnolia.

Below:  Handsome Hank rocking his new name collar

Below: Lila loves her new pool and puppy pen

Below: Pics of Maggie MacPherson, she looks pretty happy! 
The cat in the first picture is about the same size as Maggie! :)

Below: Maggie Steele loves her new big bed!

Maggie loves sleeping under the table

Below: Juniper has settled in!

She has new goat friends!

Below: Scout loves being outside!

Below: Buddy, new toys and new grass!

 Above: Luke and I saying good bye to Buddy in Sandy.

Thank you families for sending us pictures!  We love them all!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Last pics of all 5! Headed to Sandy in the morning for a special delivery!

The suburban is packed with all the puppy items, books, toys and snacks for the kids!  
We look forward to seeing 4 of our puppy families tomorrow at noon!

Below:  Our first picture of one of our puppy's at their new home, Scout.  He had a long car ride home yesterday and the family said they love him already!  Thanks for the pic!

Our last big play session with the puppy's.
Luke and Dylan are planning on getting up really early to go play with the pups 
before we leave in the morning!

 Below: The puppies won and this is their designated flower bed.  I will replant after they leave :)

 Above: Lila and Buddy, the blondes from the litter

 Above and below: Ginny LOVES the puppies!

 Above: Buddy

 Above: Lila
Below: Maggie

Above: Polka Purple/Green with bones 
Below: Juniper